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 Welcome to the Ancient Free Moorish Rite Online.  Finally, an innovative channel to become a Freemason in today's cyber-space world is available for everyone! Click our links to learn about Freemasonry in general, and learn about the Moorish Rite, the most anticipated and newest Freemasonic Rite in America in over 200 years.  Nautical in character, the Moorish Rite refers to its members as Seafareres, and also as Freemasons; with us the terms are interchangable.  Click on the APPLY TODAY link above and become a Moorish Rite Freemason/Seafarer today! Explore the benefits of belonging to the oldest fraternal institution in the world.


  • "" This testimony is being submitted from the very depths ofmy spirit. Having long been a student of esoteric sciencesand well quite familiar with Freemasonry, my destiny cau..."
    To declare what's right!

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